Rewaken your creativity and rediscover your inner haven

Dear friends,

In adult life, creativity is often limited to finding pragmatic solutions to immediate problems. However, I perceive it as much more than that – the essence of evolution, a core component of the growth impulse that defines our humanity. 

Creativity is the capacity to collaborate with life, to identify opportunities for growth and actively shape them. A process that invites inner and outer work.

Our creative flow falters when our energetic capacity becomes overwhelmed — when we're "filled up." Amid the mundanity of daily routines and fatigue of navigating through our emotions, as well as those of others, both personal and shared heartaches take their toll on our drive to purpose. In this whirlwind, creativity yearns for space.

Here, the "like attracts like" principle comes to life: when our creative flow is stifled, generating positive outcomes requires more energy. Conversely, dedicating effort to clearing emotional and energetic debris opens the door to a state of flow. The outcome is a creative and attracting magnetism. This enables us to receive more than we thought possible. Which in turn rejuvenates our motivation.

These are a few of my observations - and the inspiration for Haven retreats - that have profoundly impacted the lives of numerous executives, founders, creative and caring individuals from various walks of life, all of whom are driven by a shared calling to be of service to others on the path to success. Regardless of their unique purposes, they all aspire to leave behind a legacy of love.

More than a holiday or a yoga break, programs are crafted for you to return to daily life feeling inspired and nourished with tools and insights to last a lifetime.

This is our voyage — a return to ourselves and our creative natures, a journey to our inner haven.

It's my pleasure to welcome you.

With love, Hema xx

Home to your Haven in Turkey

Experience a 7-day program of bliss and cultivate a lifetime of expanded self-awareness

“Retreating with Hema is fantastic. It's a chance to sit in silence, have long meditations (under the stars) combined with profound teachings, discussions and journaling, immersed in nature and be around Hema and her high vibration - along with meditation and unfolding things in groups - really compounds things." Lily, wellness startup founder

"Initially I was drawn to the kundalini yoga and massage, however Hema's insights were the highlight. Hema doesn't try to change who you are, her aim is to make you understand why you have done certain things in your life and to help you break the pattern to realize your dreams and potential. You might think you know yourself, but you soon understand that despite only just meeting, Hema knows you better." Lizzie, Events industry leader

A whisper of expansion for those ready to listen: the building blocks of your Haven

The Wisdom

Timeless spiritual wisdom for modern leadership. Hema’s philosophy, rooted in almost thirty years experience as a psychologist, spiritual mentor, retreat leader and motivational speaker, is about connecting to heart energy in order to align and experience effortless and creative flow in your life. Her wisdom provides a deeper resilience than mindset alone. Hema speaks about a transformation from the inside out as a process of heart alchemy.

Join Hema to discover the ancient tools and practices that will allow you to clear the blocks which prevent the flow of heart energy.

Powerful group mentoring

Haven provides an exclusive opportunity to be guided by Hema in an intimate group setting.

Hema has built an award-winning business teaching heart intelligence as the way to lead in today’s business world. For over thirty years, she has helped people to connect to their personal truths and to build lives of joy, love, awareness and prosperity. Hema has received Master Accreditation from EMCC Global, the gold standard for coaching and mentoring that recognizes her significant contributions to the field.

Her inspirational talks, workshops and guided meditations have touched the lives of thousands and she is recognized with several awards, including the UK Health Radio Award for Self-Development Service of the Year (2022), UK Enterprise Award for Best Corporate Wellness Mentor (2022 and 2023) as well as being among the top four UK business mentors recognised for innovation (2024). 

Hema is known in business, from CEOs to Creatives, for her powerful, healing presence and incisive wisdom, an ability get to the root of the problems behind the problems, as well as shine a light on latent opportunities. 

The support of an open-hearted peer group

The power of groups uniting with shared intentions to expand their awareness is a well-explored phenomenon. In 14 years of running global wellness and leadership programs, a recurring theme is clear: diverse groups thrive on synchronicity, amplifying peer learning. In the group, another's inquiry could hold our exact lesson — pragmatic and profound.

Witnessing others’ consciousness shift communicates, "you can experience this too." Here, insights bloom, paving the way for transformations. We rise beyond ourselves, transcend the sum of our individual parts; a scientific synergy comes into play.

The added beauty of peers coming together in safe spaces is that in recognizing each other's potential amid challenges, we uncover our own. We are stronger and more supported than we think. When we come together, we feel it. Heightened sensitivity becomes strength, in turn it drives collective growth.

Daily meditation journeys

Deep meditation is a tool for creativity and tapping into higher intelligence. It balances the left and right brain hemispheres, which represent masculine and feminine energy.

At dawn, under a starry sky and against the backdrop of a calm, placid sea, meditate with Hema's guidance and the group's collective energy.

Surrounded by nature and incredible beauty, allow Hema to lead you softly and powerfully into deep inner space where everything you truly desire already exists as a possibility and has the potential to become a reality.

Dedicated time for self-reflection

Engage with daily reflection prompts and Hema's incisive, deeply insightful inquiries - what must you address to awaken fresh levels of creativity?

The initial days of the week concentrate on clearing and releasing, while the latter part delves into welcoming new, expansive creative possibilities.

Through daily group dialogues and intuitive mentoring, discover solutions that propel you forward in ways you may not have conceived of, accompanied by the encouragement needed to nurture budding concepts that deserve to be seen and felt.

Journal by the sea, at the freshwater pool, amidst the numerous comfy cushions or seating spots scattered throughout the picturesque eco-holiday village, or within various inviting spaces to broaden your inner and outer horizons via reflection, expert guidance and self-expression.

Get your body and energy moving

Choose from range of experiences that awaken your body. In addition to the light Gyana yoga and breathing techniques that are a part of the Haven program, you have the option to join additional yoga courses, 1.5-hour guided nature walks in a national park reserve, take a canoe trip to a nearby island or work out in the well-equipped gym.

This Haven's exclusive setting on a private peninsula with its own beach provides a beautiful backdrop for swims in the freshwater pool or the serene waters, perfect for morning or afternoon relaxation and rejuvenation.

The joy of eating well

We believe in variety at Haven and eating well, colours and flavours that stimulate all of the senses.

Our innovative food concept will take you through the streets of Saigon to traditional feasts of Turkey, as well as offering a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. All ingredients are fresh and delicious; and prepared before your eyes at the live cooking stations.

Go with the flow every day and select what feels right for you—this is a place that promotes choice. Enjoy relaxed breakfasts and lunches, get-together group dinners by the sea, great wine and meaningful conversations or take some time just for you.

Nature's healing influence

A multi-sensory connection. Evidence backing nature's therapeutic benefits is vast. Nature's unwavering presence nurtures and grounds us amidst uncertainty. Humans are inherently multisensory beings, beyond the visual. Our senses — sound, smell, taste, touch — receive nourishment through non-visual channels. In nature's vitality all of our senses are stimulated. This soothes the nervous system, enlivening well-being and creativity.

Haven settings are meticulously chosen for their proximity to nature's heart — nestled among mountains and overlooking the sea — we bridge the gap between sensory experiences and the nervous system's cravings for newness, free from repetitive thought patterns and in sync with nature's rhythm. Guided by expertise and held within a nurturing space, surrender to the creative flow, assured that every detail is thoughtfully taken care of from nourishing food to beautiful surroundings. This in itself signals a shift for people used to being the ones everybody else relies on, inviting a fresh and restorative energy.

Laid back luxury and comfort

Our Turkey Haven venue offers a variety of room options, from standard rooms to suites, booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms at all levels are beautifully designed with a luxurious yet natural feel, featuring elegant and sustainable touches. They are perfect for early morning or evening journaling, your own meditation, downtime and most importantly, for a wonderful night's sleep.

Outdoor cinema evening and Cacao ceremony

One of our evenings will host an outdoor cinema night, while another will showcase lucid dreaming practices and an evening cacao ceremony. Participants from last year's Haven experienced restful sleep after the cacao ceremony and shared vivid dreams the next morning. Embracing lucid dreaming is a fantastic practice to incorporate for elevating awareness to a new level, and it's something you can continue at home.

The Heart Realignment One-Time Session

The Heart Realignment session accelerates your journey towards your fullest potential, purpose and positive influence. This one-time activation is renowned for its potent effects, aligning heart and earth energies. During the session, you will recline in a relaxed or meditative posture as Hema guides you. The session typically lasts 60 minutes, with 45 minutes for the healing and 15 minutes for sharing observations.

Your private session with Hema may be scheduled before, during, or after the Haven of your choice subject to availability.

Haven participants receive a discount on The Heart Realignment.

What's included?

  • All inclusive, 7-night in-person retreat 5 star holiday village perched on a sun-drenched, private peninsula
  • Decadent and healthy fresh cooked-meals prepared across six live cooking stations
  • Daily guided self-reflection, journaling, group mentoring and meditation sessions with Hema
  • Optional daily yoga and nature hikes alongside the Haven program and activities
  • Relaxation and contemplation amidst the harmonious energies of mountain and sea
  • Ample time and space for journaling, reflection, connecting with a supportive peer group - and simply being
  • Access to the spa, hammam and gym facilities
  • Lucid dreaming practices dream/intention weaving, and an enchanting evening cacao ceremony
  • Outdoor beach cinema evening 
  • Discreet experience ensuring full privacy is respected
  • Transfers to and from the local airport via private cars 
  • Complimentary late check-out on the final day is available upon request


A month before your arrival, you'll receive a short intention-setting e-book to start your experience with clarity and purpose. The exercises within it will help you set the scene mentally, emotionally and energetically, so you can focus on your goals and intentions during your time with us and beyond.

Haven participants also receive a discount on The Heart Realignment, a 45-minute private session with Hema that may be scheduled before, during, or after the Haven of your choice subject to availability.

Haven is committed to sustainability and you'll find a stainless steel bottle in your room as a small gift for you to keep. Fill up at one of the many filtered water stop points around the resort, keeping your body happily hydrated throughout.

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Haven for Creativity in Turkey in October 2024

Haven for Creativity in Turkey in October 2024

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Welcome to to a stunning 5-star seafront Haven nestled at the footsteps of a national park with its own private beach.


Please reach out with any questions, we'll be happy to help,

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Kind words

Your ability to craft perfectly balanced spaces is truly an art. The venue was simply perfect - beautiful food, great hospitality and THAT sea. It was such a treat to be able to journal in this deep way without distractions. The daily schedule was just the right level of group work and focused time. Reflecting daily on what I had uncovered and having the group bear witness was important in helping me confront parts of my life that felt stuck and disengaged. I heard a clear invitation to step more fully into life. Since my return, I’m hearing the call all around me and it feels like pure magic. I don’t think I had appreciated the full power of journaling before this retreat.” Soraya, a leader in FinTech

Frequently asked questions

What is a day in the life of the Mediterranean Haven?

Our remarkable venue was chosen for its numerous serene journaling and meditation spaces, nestled within a national park with a private beach and freshwater pool. It feels instantly calming and tranquil and sets the scene for beautiful shifts.

We'll start the day with a group meditation and breakfast. Our mornings will be dedicated to intentional journaling and self-reflection in a group setting.

Afternoons will be free for self-reflection and journalling, before we re-gorup top share and meditate.

One evening will feature lucid dreaming practices and a cacao ceremony under the stars. On another, an outdoor cinema night will be a part of our experience. We will enjoy outdoor evening meals together by the sea.

Please note that this is a non-teaching retreat. While Hema will naturally provide guidance and group mentoring, there won't be formal workshop sessions. Some additional, optional group activities will be available and shared with you to choose from.

Are there shops nearby?

A lovely, artisanal arts and accessories shop is located on-site at our Haven venue. A boat-trip away, there an array of shops are available and we have the option to explore these during excursions. A local village also offers handcrafted goods. Our Haven experience is designed for inner exploration and relaxation, so excursions are discretionary.

Do I need a visa?

Please check the requirements here:

You do not need a Visa when travelling with a UK passport but please do check the requirements for any changes at the time of booking. Procuring a Visa is your responsibility. It takes around 24 hours so we advise allowing 7 days in case of any issues.

What's the nearest airport?

The closest airport is Dalaman. The drive from Dalaman airport to our Haven venue in Marmaris takes approximately 90 minutes.

We will provide complimentary transfer details for the group arriving at recommended times.

If you need to travel outside of the recommended times, we can book a transfer for you to pay directly to the driver. The quote for this is around €80 each way.

Recommendations flights will be shared closer to the date.

What if I have an accessability requirement

We and our chosen partner venues always do our best to support. It's best to get in touch with your unique needs and we will answer any questions you may have.  

Have questions? We've got answers