Warmest of welcomes

Dear friends,

What is love? This is the greatest question of our times, and it has never been more vital for us to go within and discover that the answer lies there.

We are pure embodiments of love: this is our deepest truth. Yet over the course of our evolution as human beings, we have gradually moved out of alignment with that truth. Different cultures and historical eras have borne witness to great teachers who deeply understood the nature of love, and attempted to convey that understanding to their students. On the whole, however, human society has disconnected from its core essence, leading to a silent heartache.

The Haven for Healing The Silent Heartache of High-Achievers is designed specifically for people ready to transform their heartache into awakened purpose, unconditional love and heart-centered leadership expansion—offering you the ultimate heart-healing experience, with nurturing and detoxification for your heart, mind and body.

With many courageous, self-aware, and accomplished people, I observe that somewhere beneath the surface can be a silent heartache. ⁣⁣By high-achieving, I mean in terms of talent, capability, creativity, empathy, healing ability, leadership aptitude, entrepreneurial drive, recognition, commercial success or any combination of the above.

In moments of heartache, the lessons may be veiled, yet within lies a clue—a guiding light toward the fullest expression of love and purpose. ⁣⁣My intention is to provide you with a pathway to a deeper knowing and trust.

I would love to welcome you to the enchanting space of Southern India, known for its powerful healing and vibrancy. Home to our Haven in Kerala for over 14 years is an acclaimed Ayurvedic eco-village set against the backdrop of lush greenery and sea.

Join me on a beautiful journey to elevate how you love and lead. You'll be guided to clear patterns of lifetimes, transform heartache to knowledge, wisdom and action. In this space, awaken and step into your fullest potential.

With love,

Hema xx

Home to your Haven in Kerala, India

Experience a 10-day immersion in the luxury of inner space and the beauty of outer nature

"Initially I was drawn to the kundalini yoga and massage, however, Hema's teachings were the highlight. Hema doesn't try to change who you are, she aims to make you understand why you have done certain things in your life and to help you break the pattern and realise your dreams and potential. You might think you know yourself, but you soon realise that despite only just meeting, Hema knows you better." Lizzie, Event Manager

Your Invitation to a Haven for Healing in Kerala

Haven for Healing and Expansion, to Address the Silent Heartaches of High Achievers: A 9-night multi-sensory experience in Kerala, Southern India. This retreat combines powerful group mentoring, outdoor workshops, guided meditation journeys, Gyana yoga and meaningful peer connections.

Your home for this Haven is an acclaimed Ayurvedic wellness resort known for its rejuvenating and detoxifying massages, ayurvedic treatments, food, and stunning sea-facing setting. Share this extraordinary journey with an intimate group of heart-centered and conscious leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and creators driven by a shared calling to serve others on the path to success. Regardless of their unique purposes, all aspire to leave a legacy of love.

Heart-centered high achievers, often visionary and forward-looking, seek what is possible rather than what has been. Clear the energetic debris of heartache, heartbreak and disappointment to make room for the ineffable power of heart energy in your life and your highest path of love and purpose.

This retreat serves as a haven for high achievers to explore the heart space within, clearing unseen obstacles to love and success in all forms. Bridge the gaps between intention and manifestation, aspiration and influence, and uncertainty and unconditional love in a profound and safe environment—a space tailored to nurture your deepest needs. Haven is a space for vibrational shifts, emerging anew.

The Wisdom

Timeless spiritual wisdom for modern leadership. Hema’s philosophy, rooted in almost thirty years experience as a psychologist, spiritual mentor, retreat leader and motivational speaker, is about connecting to heart energy in order to align and experience effortless and creative flow in your life. Her wisdom provides a deeper resilience than mindset alone. Hema speaks about a transformation from the inside out as a process of heart alchemy.

Join Hema to discover the ancient tools and practices that will allow you to clear the blocks which prevent the flow of heart energy.

Powerful group mentoring

Haven provides an exclusive opportunity to be guided by Hema in an intimate group setting. 

Hema has built an award-winning business teaching heart intelligence as the way to lead in today’s business world. For over thirty years, she has helped people to connect to their personal truths and to build lives of joy, love, awareness and prosperity. Hema has received Master Accreditation from EMCC Global, the gold standard for coaching and mentoring that recognizes her significant contributions to the field.

Her inspirational talks, workshops and guided meditations have touched the lives of thousands and she is recognized with several awards, including the UK Health Radio Award for Self-Development Service of the Year (2022), UK Enterprise Award for Best Corporate Wellness Mentor (2022 and 2023) as well as being among the top four UK business mentors recognised for innovation (2024). 

Hema is known in business, from CEOs to Creatives, for her powerful, healing presence and incisive wisdom, an ability get to the root of the problems behind the problems, as well as shine a light on latent opportunities. 

Meditate in nature

Deep meditation serves as a tool for creativity and accessing higher intelligence, harmonizing the brain's left and right hemispheres, representing masculine and feminine energies.

Surrounded by nature's beauty, let Hema guide you into profound inner spaces where your desires exist as possibilities and have the potential to come to life as realities.

Experience guided meditations with Hema in Kerala's sacred space at sunrise and sunset, accompanied by the natural sounds of birdsong and the sea, that soothe heart, mind and body.

Elevate your leadership

Our objective is to nurture a space for a refined style of heart-centered leadership, where we value the purpose within every experience. Heartache, heartbreaks and disappointment apply to more than the romantic. Be guided to metabolise the wisdom in these experiences and expand your present and future heart-centered leadership. The ultimate outcome, to shape a future where leadership is synonymous with empathy, resilience and positive impact.

As our collective consciousness evolves, leadership undergoes a profound transformation, fueled by our ability to overcome past disappointments, heartbreaks and heartache. These experiences lay the groundwork for authentic, inspirational and prosperous leadership.

My intention is to elevate your knowledge into action and wisdom, creating a ripple effect felt in the months and years ahead. Thriving as a heart-centered leader and creator demands more than understanding—it requires deep awareness and a level of resilience that strengthens naturally when we address silent heartache and heartbreaks, whether personal, professional or collectively held.

Gyana yoga, the yoga of knowledge

Gyana yoga is a particularly powerful method of connecting with the heart. Each mudra or posture has a specific purpose, designed to release energetic debris without the need for rational analysis. This has the capacity to bring about liberation from past conditioning as well as the unification of body and heart wisdom.

While surrounded by nature's beauty and safely guided by Hema's expertise, explore your limitless self as pure consciousness. Allow the unrestricted flow of creativity, passion and purpose, all while nurturing a deep sense of compassion within.

This practice links you to 'prana,' your life energy, subtly transforming and restoring. Post-Haven, receive a tailored set of postures for ongoing at-home practice.

Ayurvedic massage and rejuvenation

Emerge as new with deep and restorative Ayurvedic treatments exclusive to your Haven in Kerala.

This acclaimed Ayurvedic resort is renowned for its quality massage and treatments, drawing visitors globally who return annually for sustained wellness and vitality.

Kerala's program combines authentic Ayurveda with deep massage and treatments sessions aimed to rejuvenate as well as expel toxins or "ama." These experiences are often described as both sublime and powerful.

Food as medicine

Transform your well-being with food as medicine, elevating your body's lightness, boosting sensory delight and mental clarity. Kerala presents a customized Ayurvedic diet featuring nutrient-rich, colorful foods that tantalize all taste buds, along with fresh juices, herbal tonics and delicious masala chai, complemented by a diverse vegetarian buffet.

This holistic approach heals and purifies from within. Take your 'dosha' or mind/body type assessment, receive a personalized weekly eating plan, and witness its impact on your daily life, enhancing optimal health throughout the seasons and phases of your journey.

Share experiences with fellow travelers at your haven while enjoying delicious and nourishing meals with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Charming garden cottages

A haven for re-aligning your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit with mother earth.

Away from the demands and repetitive thoughts of daily life, you'll have the opportunity to synchronize with nature's energy.

Our Kerala Haven venue, hosting our programs for 14 years, is chosen for its closeness to nature, morning bird songs and the soothing sounds of the sea.

Experience the divine

Kerala, known as 'God's own country,' offers a blend of faiths with Hindu temples, Portuguese architecture-inspired churches and lush green landscapes.

From the local beach, see the magnificent Shiva statue and temple, which look as though they are rising out of the water.

One day of the retreat will be dedicated to exploring the rich culture, sights and surroundings of this enchanting region.

The Heart Realignment One-Time Session

The Heart Realignment session accelerates your journey towards your fullest potential, purpose and positive influence. This one-time activation is renowned for its potent effects, aligning heart and earth energies. During the session, you will recline in a relaxed or meditative posture as Hema guides you. The session typically lasts 60 minutes, with 45 minutes for the healing and 15 minutes for sharing observations.

Your private session with Hema may be scheduled before, during, or after the Haven of your choice subject to availability.

Haven participants also receive a discount on The Heart Realignment.

What's included

  • 10-night in-person retreat in a sea-facing ayurvedic eco-resort, home to Havens for 15 yrs 
  • A combination of daily teaching, group mentoring and meditation sessions with Hema 
  • Gyana Yoga, the transformative yoga of knowledge renowned for facilitating profound and sustained shifts with your own recommended postures to continue with at home
  • Group mentoring and engaging outdoor workshop-style teaching sessions
  • Guided meditation journeys amidst the serene backdrop of birdsong, sea and the symphony of nature
  • Vegetarian buffet and Ayurvedic balanced meals catering to each "dosha" or mind-body type, complemented by refreshing herbal waters, juices and masala chai
  • A discreet experience where your privacy is fully respected
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Haven for Healing The Silent Heartache of High Achievers Kerala, India in January 2025 (Early Bird Pricing)

Haven for Healing The Silent Heartache of High Achievers Kerala, India in January 2025 (Early Bird Pricing)

Welcome to your haven — a retreat dedicated to addressing the silent heartache of high achievers, set in the serene surroundings of an idyllic Ayurvedic eco-resort.


Please reach out with any questions, we'll be happy to help, havens@hemavyas.com.

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Kind words

"Prior to the retreat I had been under a lot of stress, but within two days I felt a huge lift in my spirits and felt pure joy and love during and after the kundalini and meditation. The energy of India and ‘Hema’ creates a beautiful space to open yourself up, let go, work through issues and develop clarity. Hema’s awareness and wisdom are very deep, she shares and explains in a way that it is easy to understand and so you can use this new knowledge in your everyday life. Every retreat opens something new and hugely inspirational" — Jane Taylor, Creative Director at Jane Taylor London

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest airport?

Trivandrum Airport (TRV) is the nearest airport. Transfers from Trivandrum airport only are included in the retreat package (recommended flights only – recommended flight information will be provided).

What happens on day one?

As many flights arrive in the early hours, we ease in gently on the first day. After breakfast, you will have free time to get to know the resort, take a walk on the beach, relax by the pool, reflect or simply settle in to the ambient space of Kerala.

You will be advised on your first Ayurvedic massage treatment, the perfect way to unwind after travelling.

Please liaise with Hema's team only with regards to appointment time as you are part of a group program with set timings that run differently to the timings of other guests at the resort.

That evening there will be a welcome, group catch up and sunset meditation with an introduction to the program.

What's a typcial day in the life of the Haven in Kerala?

The activities and timings do vary, however here is an example day in the life of the experience:

Sunrise Meditation

Breakfast as a group

Teaching in a relaxed, workshop style

Ayurvedic treatments* and free time

Dinner and free time

On some evenings, there will be group meditation and chanting.

* Note that the 2 hour Ayurvedic treatments will be for a set number of days of the program, not every day. This is to allow time to process and integrate the experience.

Do I need a Visa to travel to India?

Yes, so please ensure that you have travel authorization and/or a visa as required in time for travel. We are unable to liaise with visa authorities. A visa is essential for travel to India. We will provide guidance and all that you need for your visa appplication.

I have an accessibility requirement

We and our chosen partner venues always do our best to support. It's best to get in touch with your unique needs and we will answer any questions you may have.  

Have questions? We've got answers