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Heal Your Heartbreak Talk and Meditation Bundle (of love)

Heal Your Heartbreak Talk and Meditation Bundle (of love)

An invitation to uncover the sacred in a broken heart. Heartbreak is our heart’s way of telling us that we are made for other things. Within it is a deeper truth. Your experience doesn't define you: love is behind everything. A talk on an expansive secret of the universe.

With meditations described as immersions, Hema speaks to the heart space. A guided journey to metabolise healing: meet the part of you that is already healed. Know that love is behind everything, even heartbreak.

This talk and meditation are free to download and share with anyone they may serve, may they uplift and inspire you.

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Kind words from listeners

"It's usually easy for me to leave reviews. However this for me was so profoundly catalytic that I'm finding it hard to form words. I came to this feeling great tension, sadness, anxiety, unworthiness and betrayal from a recent breakup. After listening I now feel calm, peaceful; I realize that the breakup is introducing me to my true self and is clearing the path for me to live a
deeply fulfilling life. Thank you."


"This was very insightful. Thank you for educating me on heartbreak."

"One of the most helpful talks I’ve heard. Thank you."