The heart is an intelligent energy system orchestrating the whole of our existence

Both ancient wisdom and modern science show us that the heart is more than just a vital organ: it is an intelligent field of energy in constant communication with our minds, bodies, other people and our environments.

While we can do the work to consciously clear our hearts from the emotional debris of thoughts, memories, and beliefs, my philosophy is that the heart holds information that extends beyond this lifetime, like DNA carried from our ancestors and fragments of the soul from parallel, past or even future lives. Your heart contains a timeless awareness.

Healing yourself is the greatest gift you can give to humanity

I come from a line of Vedic wisdom keepers and healers. The circumstances of my life, my dedication to advancing human consciousness and over 30 years of practice as a psychologist, mentor and speaker have enabled me to learn about the human condition and to share ancient wisdom and modern healing practices. Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by the heart’s intelligence and its capacity when properly accessed, to improve people’s lives and give them fulfillment in all aspects.

In my experience, when people become more self-aware and more connected to intangibles like intuition, instinct and creativity, then their positive influence expands. Such people, whatever their background, may also find themselves called to a more vital role as voices for truth and to raise collective consciousness.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Hema xx

  • “Being with Hema, I felt incredibly present – all my emotions and thoughts seemed to cease. I felt waves of energy moving around my body in a rejuvenating way. Immediately after the session, I experienced a series of synchronicities that provided me with clarity on a topic I was struggling with for many months.”

    A Senior Leader at a Healthcare company

  • “The emotional changes I have experienced since doing the healing with Hema have been incredibly empowering. There is an inner strength inside of me now that I intuitively know is being fed from an increase in self-worth and self-love. Thank you, Hema for helping me achieve so much so rapidly.”

    Lisa Tully, Animal Intuitive

  • “Hema offers you an unwavering mirror of truth and the heart-opening vibrations of unconditional love. She has pure wisdom of the soul to know what is needed, what to share, and when to allow you to go on your journey…she offers you a path to trust your inner knowingness which is priceless.”

    Caroline Kippler, Project Leader

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The Heart Realignment

The Heart Realignment

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A one-time healing experience that is available wherever you are in the world. Book your session or gift a session to a loved one. Please allow 30-45 minutes for the session and 15 minutes for a de-brief with Hema to share some of her observations.

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What happens during a healing session?

During your session with Hema, you will be gently guided into a regenerative, meditative space. You will be asked to lie down comfortably and it might be a good idea to have a blanket nearby. Once you are relaxed, Hema will realign and reactivate your heart’s universal energy field. This a private, virtual one-to-one session. Hema will also answer any questions you may have once the healing is over she will share her observations with you.

How does this work virtually?

In our quantum universe, energy is able to work in linear and non-linear ways. Space and time is therefore not a hindrance in Hema’s ability to support in reactivating and reconnecting to the heart. Regardless of where you are, or the screen that separates you from Hema, you will be able to receive – realignment and reactivation.

What happens after the healing session?

Plan to allow some time and space for yourself after the session to help process and assimilate the healing. You may wish to do some journalling or reflection. Hema can also advise you about the benefits of journalling. Hema recommends that you write down any visions or thoughts that come up for you that you can recall from your healing session. While there can be some physical sensations experienced at the time, the effects will be realized in the days, weeks or months to follow.

Can I gift a healing session to someone else?

Yes, a beautifully designed e-voucher can be provided for your named recipient and you can also have the message personalised.

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